SalesLoft's Kevin Walkup on the good and evil of sales engagement tools

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“You’re exactly right. Good and Evil. There’s two different ways to leverage a sales engagement tool. You can try to boil the ocean and say alright I always send an e-mail to a thousand people and it’s going to be an email that’s me generated. This is who I am this is what I do this is and this is why you should be talking to me. That’s a very me focused e-mail. And I think a lot of that is what you’re seeing and getting posted on linked in people you know with bashing you know ad sales emails because there’s no like you mentioned human to it. It’s a robot going through that and by leveraging a solution like SalesLoft or any sales engagement platform the right way. You have to have that human element you have to be authentic in the way that you’re engaging. That email needs to be about them. It needs to be about how you understand their business and how you understand that they might have some challenges that you might be able to help with and that you want to earn their business not just hey you should do business with me because I’m sending you a templated e-mail. You really have to be sincere in the way that that you’re engaging and make that engagement about them and how they can be better off by having a conversation with you.”

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