(Scrimmage) Protection and Delivery

Keep in mind that all training/presentations related to featured products on this channel are meant to be a generic representation, and not so much a detailed description of all that could potentially be covered, with respect to a specific product. For example, there are clearly other items checked off on the GBS brochure that qualify for service. This presentation, like all other presentations, are meant to provide a framework for you to create your own presentation that features your personality and style.

With that said, present protection early, often, and always. If you can’t close, call in a ticket check. Someone else saying the same thing that you just said, can be extremely powerful. It’s often referred to as 3rd party validation, and will often be the nudge your customer needs to buy in.

The following are some key takeaways and tips for presenting protection and delivery.

GBS Tips:
1. Compliment their selection.
2. Use the statement, “one of the best things we do here…”
3. Discuss the following three areas of coverage: stains, punctures and rips, and failure of motors and associated components.
4. After 5 years of zero claims, you can combine the cash in-store credit with other promotions.
5. If presenting GBS before writing up the ticket, try using the following response to the question of the cost of the plan: “it’s only approximately 15% to 17% of the total – which your discount either comes close to, or more than covers the cost of the plan.” This

Always use your sales tools (wood sample) when possible, to give your customers a visual representation for what you are saying.

Offer to bundle the delivery and protection with a discount.


Delivery Tips:

Key Takeaways:
1. Shipping is not the same thing as delivery. Shipping may be free online, but generally has to fit on a UPS or FedEx truck.
2. Our delivery is a premium, white-glove service.
3. If you notice damage in your first 48 hours, we’ll order new items and deliver them to your home. If you pick up, you are responsible for bringing the damaged item back to the warehouse to exchange.
3. In-home service for the entire first year, under the manufactures warranty.

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