Seasonal School: Artificial Intelligence and RObotics in exteNded rEality (AIRONE)

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In the forthcoming decade eXtended Reality (XR) technologies, i.e. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, and collaborative robots will become ubiquitous. Then, the XR combination with robots and human-centric Artificial Intelligence will enable distributed environments to be developed where humans, robots and virtual entities coexist, and may become the sentient embodiment of remote human operators. The AIRONE School will cover specific research topics underpinning this paradigm shift affecting technology, perception and interaction.

By the end of the AIRONE School, participants will have learnt the main aspects of eXtended Reality, the basics for the design and control of collaborative and wearable robots for immersive telepresence, and the fundamentals of machine learning and AI applied to Robotics and artificial vision systems.

Deadline for Registration
May 31st 2021

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