Seconds of his conquest, a super large limousine eel on Riri’s fishing hook

Greetings 1 hoby
May you be healthy always and given abundant rezki

It’s a 1 moment2 video that I think is very memorable because in addition to the size of this eel the super large way of eating it also looks unique and was caught on camera clearly eating out the hole very clearly and very beautifully.
It’s the first time the eel harvested again after a total flood that we got less than 4.4 kg
And there is a moment 2 lgi yg mnurut me very strange mgkin I hya just heard the story first from orang2 that there dsni fish live bones but still mummy mgkin in ups after this video.

May be entertained

This video is just fishing and entertainment documentation

#mancing #mancingbelut #eelfishing

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