Should You Buy an ADV or a Traditional Touring Bike? (discussion)

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Let’s cover 8 main differences between ADV’s and touring or sport-touring bikes. Are ADV’s really better? If not, why are they seemingly taking over?

00:00 Intro
02:34 Price
03:15 Weight
03:52 Comfort
04:43 Pillions/Passenger
05:35 Luggage
06:25 Tech
07:01 Versatility
07:49 Seat Height
08:54 Your Thoughts?

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⚡Puig Wind Deflectors: 5
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🏍 Camping & Other:
⚡ Camp Chair: P
⚡ Jump Starter/USB Charger: n
⚡ Folding Utensils: K
⚡ Jetboil: N
⚡ MSR Stove: G

🏍 Motorcycle Accessories (see bike specific videos for more):
⚡Tail Bag (Small): k
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⚡Garmin Zumo XT GPS: i
⚡Barkbuster Handguards: u
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