SimpliPhi Elite IQ Installer Training: Sales and Technical Tools

Our industry-leading batteries & scalable UL 9540 integrated systems practically sell themselves! Learn how to communicate SimpliPhi’s value & advantages.

SimpliPhi Power manufactures safe, reliable, non-toxic lithium ferro phosphate batteries that save customers money, provide resilient back-up power, and integrate seamlessly with renewables, both on and off grid. Demonstrating to customers how SimpliPhi products meet their different objectives, communicating the benefits, and crafting a compelling pitch will help you accelerate your sales and create many more satisfied customers.

This free installer training covers:
– Battery chemistry, form factor and manufacturing quality: why it matters
– Understanding and comparing product specifications (‘spec sheets’)
– Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and what it means for customers in a financial analysis
– SimpliPhi Power’s value proposition vs. competitors
– Choosing and sizing the right SimpliPhi products and integrated systems for a project
– SimpliPhi product availability and distribution
– Understanding building/electrical code and local inspection requirements
– Product warranties and ongoing support

Completion of the introductory SimpliPhi Elite IQ Installer Training (Battery Chemistry 101) is recommended, but not required.

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