SK Tools Cyber Sale Tool Haul: #2 Phillips Showcase

In this video we take a look at SK’s offerings in the #2 Phillips realm with 4″ Shafts. This video essentially has two parts…We first highlight each driver, their part number, and price. Later in the video, we examine the chrome job and hex bolsters, which left a bit to be desired on the Cushiongrip version.

-If you like what you see, this conveniently coincides with a 20% Off Sale good thru January 28th. I say that in good faith, but encourage anyone interested in pulling the trigger to read on…

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–I will just be straight up honest with you and say I can not recommend SK’s screwdrivers unless you are a fan of the design, or aesthetics. If green is your jam, I’d suggest Stahlwille’s 3K line. If it is important to buy USA made tools, go for Klein, or something from the tool truck. SK makes some nice stuff, but their screwdrivers leave a bit to be desired, especially at a premium price. I have used Klein for years and also have Mac/Protos and both would come much higher on the list for US based drivers. The Mac’s will cost a bit more, while the Klein’s can be scored at a savings vs SK.

—If you ever wondered if I review things subjectively, this should give you your answer. I always try to focus on the good while also highlighting what could be deemed as negatives for some users. However, when you have a tool that shouldn’t have left the facility, especially at this price point, I find it unacceptable and it would be a disservice to you not to highlight that shortcoming.

—-This isn’t just me not liking the ergonomics as well as another brand, this is a quality control issue. When SK posted on Instagram about their screwdriver sale, I left a comment (January 9th) about the chrome job and hex bolster. Very much to their credit, they said they would warrant it, send me a new driver, and issue a return label for me to return this driver. As of typing this (January 24th…a full 15 days later), I have not gotten the new driver and I am starting to believe it isn’t going to come.

That certainly isn’t the end of the world as the driver is functional for actually turning screws, as I cited in my comments to SK, but the underlying principle of saying you will send out a replacement and failing to do so is something I don’t take lightly. I would be less upset being ignored, or simply being dealt the usual warranty-dodging jargon.

I”m not trying to be too harsh on them, but I do hold SK to a higher standard than say something from Home Depot, or Harbor Freight. This driver never should have left the factory in my opinion and I can’t help but think some of the other drivers have suffered, or will suffer the same fate. *At minimum the shaft needs to be checked, handle fitment verified, tip inspected, and the hex bolster, if equipped, should be tested.*

If you’ve brought any of their drivers in recently, it might be worth checking. As is, we will move forward running the test with this duo representing SK. The tips seem solid on initial inspection and that is what will matter the most. For all I know, despite the issues with the chrome job and hex bolster, they might very well out perform the competition. In terms of hex bolstered drivers, these will score a ZERO. Even the cheapest drivers I have brought in have at least been subject to enough standardization and quality control to fit a wrench properly.

Am I done with SK? It is honestly hard to say, but this certainly doesn’t encourage me to go out and spend my hard earned money on their products. These drivers will be given the same fair shake as all the others to win me over with their performance…That is fair and it is the least I can do for you, the viewer, and SK Tools, which I truly hold in high regard based on their durability at work and my early impressions of their X-Frame ratcheting wrenches.

**Time Stamps and Links**

2-in-1 Pocket Clip Screwdriver PN 85112 $5.09

Suregrip PN 82007 $16.80

Cushiongrip PN 79113 $17.09

Suregrip Analysis: @9:20
Cushiongrip Analysis: @10:20
Complete Crap @13:15

*If SK had sent the replacement driver, I would have tacked that portion to the end of the video with the good news they made things right and to simply make sure to check their hex bolsters if you were to order. However, since it never came, that wasn’t an option.*


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