SK Tools Haul 4: Steals Before the Deal

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In this video we cover what could be my last haul from SK Tools. If you were curious what my thoughts are on SK and the sale to chinese based great star, well…now you know. I want to stay cautiously optimistic and can even see some areas where things could improve (communication, packing, etc.)

*Time Stamps*
@0:00 Intro
@0:33 Sublime Alpha Glove and SK Green Gloves
@0:45 Steals and Deals
-SK was sold by Ideal to GreatStar
–I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic
—Usual course of action is that the parent company uses the brand recognition for sales while lowering the quality. Hopefully that is not the case. Best case scenario they let SK operate, push innovation and expansion, and continue to offer a “dark horse” American made tool
-This particular Steals and Deals was REALLY GOOD
@3:25 SK Communication
-This is an area that could really improve
–No packing list, not stock notice, slow response times
—The shipping has always been a bit disappointing
—-Order a socket or wrench, get the same size box as a full tool haul
@4:50 SK Battery Pliers
-Refunded Me, I would have gladly waited given the savings
@9:09 SK Half Moon Wrenches
7/16″ x 1/2″ Half Moon Wrench, $40.13

^Check the Review, Same Complaints That I Have
9/16″ x 5/8″ Half Moon Wrench, $40.13

Half Moon Wrench Set, $64.76

-These are legitimately disappointing in terms of the finish
–I think the wrenches should be fine, but they look more like a hand me down than a “new” wrench
@12:10 SK 12″ Extension vs Half Moon Wrenches
-Very obvious difference in the chrome
-I’ve had the 12″ extension longer and it has seen a LOT of use…it still looks 10x better
@13:35 SK LP 90 3/8″ Ratchet Update
-Love the thing, no complaints
@14:15 Wiha Switch vs SK Switch
-Talk about night and day, lol
@14:47 SK LP 90 and Extension vs Half Moon Wrenches Chrome
@15:15 SK Swivel Sockets
-Can’t find them on their website…Packing List with a Part Number might have helped
-I have used the 9/16″ prior to this video for bellhousing bolts…so far so good. Sadly, I haven’t used it enough to predict service life, but as for initial impressions, we are golden.
@16:45 3/8″ x 3/4″ Swivel in Hand
@19:00 Set in Hand
@19:15 Difficult to See Sizes
@20:10 9/16″ in Hand (We have used this one)
@20:25 Satisfaction = Longevity of the Sockets
@20:40 Stuff at Work – Snap-On and Proto Swivels still around
@22:02 SK LP90 1/4″ Flex Head – 5″ Long, $98.22

@24:30 SK FlexZone Impact Sockets, $101.30

-Biggest Complaint? No Additional Sizes! Who makes impact sockets and stops with a 3/4″ socket? It is mind numbing that they haven’t added additional sizes to these, or the X-Frame Wrenches
-Maybe greatstar will realize these shortcomings and expand the lineup
@31:45 3/4″ In Hand
-The Sockets look to be good quality
@33:17 Aesthetic Complaint
–Aesthetically, they don’t come close to looking like their advertised picture
—I don’t know what went wrong in the finishing, but most of the set looks like it is oil stained
@34:40 The 5/8″ Flex Zone is the best looking impact socket I have ever held
-The 9/16″ 11/16″ and 3/4″ look more like a used tappet
@36:10 SK Steals and Deals Have REALLY Good Buys
-Was this last one, in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary, possibly to throw a bone to the SK faithful ahead of the sale? The last promo was very impressive from both the savings side and the number of items on the promotion
@37:20 Bummed About the Battery Pliers
@38:15 Communication is Key
@41:30 Assume the Worst, Hope for the Best
@41:45 Maybe GreatStar will advance the company?
@43:00 Your Steals and Deals Haul?
@44:50 Recap
-The LP90 was so good, I opted for the swivel sockets. The FlexZone was a bucket list item waiting for a killer deal…the Steals and Deals promo provided that.
@45:45 Your Experience with Any of These Tools
@46:00 Haven’t Seen Many Reviews on the FlexZone Sockets
-I always thought they would have been really popular
@46:39 Wrap Up
@47:25 Ideal Sold SK
-Sad story
@48:30 Killer Strat
-Keep Production in America, Increase Volume, Lower Price Point, Expand and Innovate
–Will it happen? Who knows.
@49:15 The 9/16″ Swivel Pairs Well with _______________
@49:50 SK Buying Options
-Harry J. Epstein — You can still get new old stock and recent releases of SK Tools that were made in the USA
@50:32 Another Steals and Deals? Place your bets
@50:40 Conclusion

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