SMART Affiliate Program Sales Video

The SMART Affiliate Program is open! Details can be found at and launch pricing is in effect through 31 Jan 2021.

This is a platform that contains the training, resources, support, and online business model alternatives that will help the would-be or active online marketer get a fast start.

It includes a body of over 600 lessons or tutorials, 5 curriculums of training focus’, and step by step instruction for how to get your business off the ground and make it profitable.

It also includes access to an active and supportive community to help you commiserate with other online entrepreneurs, a big help when it comes to the fact that you are often alone working from home in this business.

Have a look at the sales page and decide for yourself, but we believe this platform blows any similar platform out of the water when it comes to value, features, and benefits.

Right now the SMART Affiliate Program is also sponsoring a Black Friday/Cyber MONTHS launch contest with over $63,000 to be given away on prizes over a 2 month period.

Participants in that launch contest can easily earn access to a free trial membership just by signing up, and then earn access to a month of trial full membership access for bringing 10 referrals!

Not only that, they also can earn higher commissions once they have trial full membership access. Free trial members get a 20% commission (recurring) for any referrals that upgrade, while the Free Trial and Full Tem Members receive 30%!

There are also two “Lifetime Plan” options that will save action-takers thousands of dollars over the coming years. These plans provide more assets and features out the gate, and a 10% boost in commissions (33% vs 30%) for life!

For people looking for a solid platform to help them get their online business up and running, or for those that are looking to scale up their business using the tools and resources available in the program,, this is the time to take action!

Check it out for your self at this link:


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