SOLIDWORKS Launch 2019 SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality XR

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implify the Path from SOLIDWORKS CAD to XR (AR/VR/MR/Web)
The explosion of affordable immersive devices and ecosystem of technology and interactive experiences is enabling more powerful storytelling using SOLIDWORKS CAD data than ever before. Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR) – a method to publish your CAD data and bring it to life, virtually. Publishing your SOLIDWORKS file to XR will retain important scene data you’ve created within SOLIDWORKS such as:

Geometry & Scene Hierarchy
Appearances/Materials and textures/Decals
Lights and Cameras
Exploded and Motion Study Animations
Display States and Configurations
Metadata including: Per-configuration custom properties, per-node comments, per-node & document general and design tables
The resulting file can then be consumed directly in a variety of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality experiences, Web viewers and more such as:

SOLIDWORKS Partner Program applications that support the SOLIDWORKS XR files.
Custom AR/VR experiences built using platforms such as Unity or Unreal
For example, this means you can re-play animations you created inside SOLIDWORKS CAD, toggle through pre-defined Display States, or trigger an Exploded Animation…all within in supported AR/VR/Web experiences so that you can:

Improve collaborative internal and external design reviews
Sell your designs more effectively with immersive experiences
Train users how to assemble and/or interact with your products immersively
Increase design confidence throughout the product development process

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