Should you start selling t-shirts online and don’t know where to start? Well lets compare spreadshirt to the merch by amazon print on demand platform! Let’s take a look at how my accounts compare to each other and if you are already selling on one of these platforms should you be selling on the other?

My Wife’s New Youtube Channel for Acrylic Painting!

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Blobs My First Custom Font –
Retro Circle Template –
Green Dinosaur –
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Affiliate links to my favorite and most useful merch by amazon tools
I do receive compensation if you use these links and I don’t just list any links here I include the ones that I use regularly in my print on demand amazon merch business.

Merch Wizard – the most useful way to organize your merch by amazon listings files and meta data

Orbitkit – the easiest way to scale your designs out to other platforms

Merch Amigo – the fastest way to launch ad campaigns for your merch by amazon products.

Pretty Merch – The absolute prettiest merch by amazon dashboard and analytical tool

Beejay Delongs Brushes for procreate. The best cartooning brushes I have used for procreate!

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FREE MUST HAVE Chrome Extensions

DS Amazon Quickview embeds the bsr rank directly into the search results.

AMZ Suggestion Expander

Keywords Everywhere (you do need to sign up for an account to get the api access but its still free!

Also I built a merch store for my channel check it out!

I create many merch by amazon tips videos as well as merch by amazon keyword research and merch by amazon niche research tutorials!

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