Stanford Seminar – Extended Reality for Everybody

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Michael Nebeling
University of Michigan

October 1, 2021
Technical advances in virtual, augmented reality, and mixed reality (XR) have paved the way for these technologies to become increasingly mainstream technologies; however, there is still a high barrier to entry and creating new XR applications is difficult and time-consuming with existing methods and tools. In this talk, I will present novel methods and tools designed for novice XR creators to design usable, safe, and inclusive XR experiences. This includes conceptual frameworks to navigate the landscape of XR technologies and tools; methods for building security and privacy considerations into the design process; and prototyping tools to accelerate design and development. Drawing from my research and ongoing work with the U-M wide XR initiative, I will share examples of how to enable instructors to incorporate XR technologies into teaching and learning and will discuss key challenges to wider adoption of XR in education.

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