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Real & True Buildrall Review in 2020 – My Biz Partner, Chris & I offer you this review after using the Builderall Platform for all of my digital marketing for over a year.

If you own a business or you’re thinking about starting a business in 2020… You need an online presence. It’s a must and honestly it’s just an undeniable reality for now and into the future.

So what do you do? Where do you start? I have a perfect solution that Will surprise you.

Unless you have a lot of money to hire someone to build your online Brand… which most of us don’t, The first thing that you’ll need to do is to find the Best web design software that fits your budget and is easy to use.

Now, there’s all kinds of web design software out there to choose from, Some more popular than others… Like Wix, Godaddy, SquareSpace, WordPress or Weebly to name a few… BUT what do you really get when it’s all said and done? One WEBSITE and that’s pretty much it. Everything else that you truly NEED to have success online… turns into UP-Sells… meaning MORE money out of your pocket. Now they’ll throw some fancy words like Bandwidth – Storage or Analytics. Which by the way Google does analytics for FREE.

Anyway, Look, these companies are good and they serve a purpose… but in my opinion they have an OLD 1990’s mentality when it comes to today’s business online.

To truly have success online in 2020 and beyond, YOU need MORE than just a static website that’s like a brochure, hoping that someone won’t get lost in all the pages and will just randomly decide to call you. Success online is capturing leads, sending automated email campaigns to those leads – guiding a consumer systematically to where YOU want them to go on your site – You’ve heard the term “Sales Funnel” well that’s what that is… But you STILL need more… What if someone calls you at 3 in the morning, are you answering the phone? Probably not… but what if that potential customer could get all of their answers on your website with an automated Chatbot? A personalized programmed Chatbot that could potentially bring in a sale while you sleep… Ha it’s like an extra employee who works 24/7 and never calls out sick.

Think about it… what is IT that YOU want most from someone who visits your website? A New customer or a Sale right? So how do those website builders I mentioned earlier help you to do that in today’s online world? In my opinion, They don’t.

So what’s the solution? It’s Simple… There is only ONE software on the market today that has All the Tools for your business, that’s 30 plus tools under ONE roof… at ONE price and that is Builderall.

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