Subscription Management and Recurring Orders for Salesforce Sales Cloud

This is an intro and a product demo for the subscription-management and recurring-transactions product built for the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform.

Sales teams cannot function when the data in their CRM (a Customer Relationship Management platform) does not exist, is not up to date, or is inconsistent. Platform users have been getting frustrated for years when confronted with duplicate work in their sales tools. PowerSync has solved this frustration by automating necessary flows, which help save time and enable your sales teams to work smarter and not harder.

Before we came along, CRM clients had to fix data manually……or buy an expensive and sometimes a cumbersome product like CPQ, even if all features and functionality were not needed. In many cases, they also had to hire Salesforce developers to create custom solutions because of staffing and quality complexities.

Hearing from the Salesforce Sales Cloud community and how they struggled, PowerSync took note and listened to the most vocal concerns, creating a skeleton for a perfect solution. The quick demo you are about to see covers what we learned about desired flexibility, ease of use, data integration, and automation within Salesforce Sales Cloud.

As a result of our solution, PowerSync clients are saving thousands of hours annually and, in some cases, even quarterly. This cost reduction roughly translates to 1 – 3 full-time employee equivalent who use their time to do duplicate work.

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