Surprising Benefit of Using A Car Cover for Your Tesla

Top Rated Car Covers Up To 50% Off

I finally got a car cover for my Tesla Model 3 after being fed up with tree sap and bird droppings on the hood due to my parking space location. I tried the EVANNEX car cover and found a surprising benefit that I didn’t expect before. What is it?

🔺Tesla Model 3 Car Cover – r
🔺Evannex Tesla Model 3 Car Cover – r
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🔺Kadooria Safe View Half Car Cover Top Waterproof/Windproof/Dustproof/Windshield Cover Snow Winter Summer (Sedan 3XL(185″-205″)) – k

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Products I use for my Tesla Model 3:
👉 (For Sentry Mode & Dashcam) USB Micro Card Reader – I
👉 (For Sentry Mode & Dashcam) Micro SD Memory – 2
👉 Jeda Wireless Charging Pad & USB HUB – Shop through my referral link:
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👉 Tesmanian Floor Mats for Model 3 (use teslajoy10 for 10% off) – 0
👉 Car Neck Pillow – g
👉 iBuddy Dog Backseat Cover – 3
👉 Sun Shade (size XXL) – 8
👉 Jack Lift Point Pad Adapter – D
👉 Scent Wedge Air Freshener for Model 3 & Model Y – /
👉 Drop Lock – /
👉 Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit – 8
👉 Wheel Cover Storage Bag – M

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