Swapping Silverado 1500 LTZ LED Headlights on my 2500 Duramax!

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Possibly the BEST mod yet for the LML! These compliment the 1500 LTZ tail lights perfectly. The 2015-2019 HD headlights were lacking, these Bi-Projector LED switchback lights fixed that.

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And thanks to Late Model Lighting for the awesome headlights! Get them below:

T-shirts / Merch – m
Instagram – s
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Channel Perks: n

Duramax Mods:
Morimoto Headlights: e
Rearview Camera Mirror: n
3rd Brake Light Camera: r
Camera Mirror Wiring: s
LTZ Tail Lights: D
Shorty Antenna: Z
Sequential Signals: k
Reverse Cargo Light Mod: e
Turn Signal Mod: s
McGaughy’s Drop Shackles: 1
12″ Vertical Android Radio: s
Bakflip Tonneau Cover:
Lasfit H11 H9 H8 LED Bulb: 7
Lasfit 9005 HB3 LED bulbs: 6
Lasfit website: – Discount Code – MattRoss (10% off!)
Auxito LED Bulb Kit: />
Garage Upgrades:
Retractable Pressure Washer: 1
LED Ceiling Lights (set of 6): P
LED Cabinet Lights (set of 3): g
Quick Jacks: c
Wall Cabinets: J
Wall Mount Power Tool Rack: c
Retractable Air Hose Reel: h

AHP 203XI Tig Welder: 4
Yeswelder Plasma Cutter: t
Yeswelder LYG-Q800D Helmet: O
Klutch Welding Table: K
Tillman Tig Gloves: 4
Tig Torch Holder: x
Deburr Tool: O

Other Tools / Gear I use:
Eraser Wheel: H
Husky Toolbox (white/black): v
Tekton Swivel Ratchets:
S.W.A.G Band Saw Table:
Hanging Extension Cord Reel:
Universal Step Drill Bit Set:
Magnetic Vice Jaw Inserts: s

Cordless Tools:
Milwaukee Right Angle Grinder: z
Ryobi 1/2 Impact: y
Ryobi 3/8 Power Ratchet: x
Ryobi 1/4 Impact: 0
Ryobi Angle Grinder: A
Ryobi Drill: i

Camera Gear:
Canon 250D SL3: 0
Sigma 18-35MM lens: T
DJI Ronin Gimbal: j

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