TapTes Tesla Model 3 & Y Car Seat Covers | Review & Install Tips

Top Rated Car Covers Up To 50% Off

Buy model 3 covers here: p
Buy model Y covers here: r
TapTes Site: 3
10% Discount code: 10CFairTech (Discount code good for 7 days)

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Best charging app: OptiWatt (Get PAID $5)
Protect yourself with a VPN: Private Internet Access (82% discount)

TEMAI (10% discount code: “CfTesla”)
US link:
Canadian link: ca.temai.tech
– Electric phone mount
– Console cover kit
– Center Console Organizer

JOWUA (5% discount code: “cftesla5”)
– Foldable Wireless phone charger
– Center console trays
– Hub

Favorite wireless phone holder: MagBak (15% Discount code: “Cftesla15off”)

Best hub + storage: JEDA ($10 discount code: “CfTesla”)

My Tesla neck support : EV Premium Customs (25% discount code: “CfTesla”)

Hansshow Tech (10% Discount code: “CfTesla”)
My Tesla model 3 trunk lift: k
My Tesla model 3/y console screen: n
My Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel: l
My Premium stereo upgrade: e

…………..Favorite Amazon Links………..

👉Buy BASENOR mud flaps – b
👉Buy Super Liner trunk mat – 5
👉Buy BougeRV floor mats – 0
👉Buy EV Wraps console wrap – y
👉Buy KFZMAN black kick covers – L
👉Buy Back Kick Covers (Same as Mine): (Discount: cftesla10)
👉Buy ViewPets seat cover – 2
👉Buy Elon Accessory screen protector – N
👉Buy Center console liners – N
👉Buy EV wrap door sill protector – S

👉Buy Tesla logo projection lights – G
👉Buy BougeRV trunk organizer – H
👉Buy BougeRV interior blue LED lights – L
👉Buy Sparta key holder – k
👉Buy Graco booster seat – p
👉Buy Diono car seat – 2
👉Buy seat belt extenders – /
👉Buy USB-C to USB-A adapter – 2
👉Buy Center console organizer (2017-2020) – c
👉Buy Center console organizer (2021) – 6
👉Buy 4 port USB hub – A
👉Buy frunk cooler – m
👉Buy Evannex frunk cooler – r
👉Buy frunk organizer – 6
👉Buy BMZX charging cable organizer – D
Buy quick bandit front plate mount – m
👉Buy Rahano sun shade – P

Camera Gear
Primary camera – Sony A7SIII: L
Primary lens – Sony 16-45mm: L
B-Roll camera – Canon 90D: z
B-Roll camera lens – Sigma 18-35mm: G
Shotgun Mic – Rode: v
Wireless Mic: Rode: x
Car suction mount: Q

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