Tecoom Thick Shell Super Breathable-Waterproof Windproof – Outdoor All Weather SUV Car Cover

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About this item
3 LAYER STRUCTURE PROTECTION: The breathable car cover is made using a 3-layer construction to offer better protection, keep out the heat, and help your car stay cool. With a combination of breathable non-woven material, a waterproof PE film, and protective non-woven material, our car cover protects your vehicle from the elements while being durable enough to handle daily use.
WATER & WEATHERPROOF: Whether its rain, snow, or a dust storm, you never have to worry about your car getting dirty with Tecoom 3 layer car covers. Thanks to the waterproof materials which coupled with the breathability of the fabrics, Tecoom car covers prevent water from seeping through to make sure your car stays dry even after it rains.
KEEP YOUR VEHICLE COOL: The last thing you want is to sit in a car that¡¯s been heating up in the summer sun. Our car covers are made to maintain a cool temperature inside your vehicle even during the summer to enhance your comfort and enjoyment when traveling in the heat thanks to the breathability of the fabric.
WINDPROOF DESIGN: We use a windproof design that allows you to use this waterproof car cover even in the windiest conditions. It¡¯s designed with an elasticized hem, fixed buckles and comes with windproof straps on both the back and front. They are easily distinguishable and can easily be detached or replaced.
EVERYTHING YOU NEED: This rain and snow car cover comes with everything you need to keep your car safe including combination lock, cable, and antenna patch make sure you can use it easily whether at home or on the go while maintaining your safety and protection.

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