Ten Biggest Sales Trends in 2021

Watch this video on the top 10 sales trends going into 2021 to be one step ahead of your competition, and full of optimism for the coming year. Head to for more sales trends in 2021.

0:00 Top Ten Sales Trends in 2021
00:36 #1 Sales Automation
01:35 #2 Value-Based Selling
02:22 #3 Social Selling
03:03 #4 Customer Success Model
03:55 #5 Inter team Alignment
05:00 #6 Multi-Channel, Personalised Experience
05:41 #7 Sales Videos
06:33 #8 Webinars
07:09 #9 AI
07:44 #10 A Conversational Customer Experience

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1. Sales Automation
Sales automation gives you more creativity than ever. It automates the little manual tasks that salespeople don’t have time to do. It gives your tired brain more time to think.
Try CRM software. It automates outreach, helps with drip campaigns, visualises your sales pipeline, and gives you loads more useful sales tools for maintaining customer relationships.

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2. Value-Based Selling
Stop trying to sell. Instead, offer value to your customers, and they’ll naturally come to you. Know their problems, then know why you are the solution.

Our hot tip.
Head to LinkedIn and do your homework on the lead you’re reaching out to. Try NetHunt CRM extension for LinkedIn to capture leads in no time .

3. Social Selling
Following on from the last point, social selling is similarly unintrusive and just as delicate as value-based selling. Be visible across social media, and be active!

4. The Customer Success Model
Customer Success provides a positive, holistic personal experience. For example, NetHunt provides demos and walkthroughs whenever we roll out a new feature that might be useful for a particular customer; we learn their workflows and take time to figure out exactly how our product fits their business model.

Check out our blog article about customer success

5. Inter team Alignment.
Inter team alignment is important when you’ve got so many different arms of your business octopus working on the same clients at the same time. It’s sharing the same technology and having the same insights; it’s attending each other’s meetings to understand the processes and having a unified point of attack to get those leads to conversion.

Check out this article on how to sync your sales and marketing teams:.

6. A multi-channel, personalised experience.
2021 needs a multi-channel approach from your sales team. Buyers need to have the choice in which channel they choose to take in their information, and there’s a whole heap of platforms out there for them to do so. NetHunt CRM helps you achieve this. It aggregates all your client interactions across different platforms. Sign-up if you have not already It is free for 14 days.

7. Sales Videos
Marketing videos are so 2011. It’s 2021, and YouTube is finally getting a lot more sales content from brands. Our sales team uses the Loom app to provide short demos and walkthroughs for our customers… it’s just a lot easier than typing out a big old blog post.

8. Webinars
Webinars are a beautiful way of putting a beautiful face out there as an expert in your industry… just like we did recently. We’ve got a couple of webinar veterans in our ranks, and we’ve experimented with different platforms of webinar, different lengths, scripted or unscripted, Q&As and live chats.

Our hot tip.
Offer a freebie in return for signing up for a webinar. Check out an example here:

9. AI
Step-by-step, AI is taking over sales analytics and processes. Forecasts formed with the help of an AI-powered software can boast having enhanced precision, which can protect you from the risk of coming out of demand on the market.

10. The Conversational Customer Experience.
A conversational experience offers more than just a transactional relationship. It builds a long-term one, rather than simply solving one-time issues. It develops, over time, as a business collect more historical data from a customer, more brownie points to, and helps paint a very precise picture of the exact kind of people they are selling it.

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