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The Teslasuit suit can be paired with VR or used by itself to provide full body motion capture and haptic feedback for extended reality experiences, backed by biometrics for analytics.

Teslasuit offers a library of haptic experiences that can be developed and activated, as well as software for reading analytics from the suit’s motion capture and biometric functions.

Teslasuit has created a whole body suit for the most immersive VR experience, particularly for training simulations.

The suit itself can deliver a variety of haptic feedback options to the user as part of a program, on demand, or in reaction to user actions to help simulate real world sensations and to create feedback loops for user training.

In addition, the suit is a full motion capture device, allowing human movement to be tracked and measured against baselines, other users, and over time series.

The suit can simulate climate as well, allowing users to train in heat for more realistic immersion.

Sensors in the Teslasuit capture up to 84 biometric signals, which can be reviewed within their software for advanced diagnostics and analytics.

Teslasuit offers significant capability for sports training, high-end entertainment like virtual laser tag, medical studies, medical research, and government and first-responder training. If you really need to “feel” and not just see your AR/VR experience, Teslasuit makes a big difference.

When combined with a sophisticated training program, Teslasuit offers a truly futuristic and powerful training experience. To create truly immersive experiences, companies need to consider VR itself, the realistic feeling of motion (whether with large environments or utilizing treadmills) and the actual immersion of the body, which today is a market led by Teslasuit.

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