The 10 Quercetin Benefits ❤️ And Counting…

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The 10 Quercetin Benefits – And Counting… ❤️ /

So far, quercetin has chalked up 10 benefits. But the count is still not over as more and more research will eventually attest.

Quercetin is an antioxidant flavonol found naturally in foods such as apples, plums, red grapes, green tea, elder flower and onions, just to name a few.

According to a 2019 Market Watch report, the quercetin market is growing rapidly as its health benefits are becoming more widely known.

Quercetin has been shown to combat inflammation and acts as a natural antihistamine. Several studies have highlighted quercetin’s ability to prevent and treat both the common cold and influenza.

Another, less known benefit and use for quercetin includes the prevention and/or treatment of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, certain cancers, gout, arthritis and mood disorders.

A review of quercetin’s effect on metabolic syndrome found it significantly reduced fasting plasma glucose when taken for at least eight weeks at a dosage of 500 milligrams per day or more.

Other recent research found quercetin has a beneficial impact on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by ameliorating inflammation, oxidative stress and lipid metabolism.

Quercetin also has the ability to trigger tumor regression by interacting with your DNA and activating the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis (the programmed cell death of damaged cells).

If you’ve been counting, you’ll realize that this video didn’t list ten benefits.

Click the link below and read the article to uncover the full 10 benefits of quercetin.

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