The Best Car Cover For Your Tesla Model 3 //

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I am fortunate enough to park my car just about every day in a garage
but I realize many car owners do not have this option which is why,
after many requests from you all, I have partnered with to review and show you this product.

Here are some facts I like about his company/product:
– Free shipping in USA and Canada
– Lifetime warranty
– Perfect fit guarantee
– Price protection guarantee
– 30 Day Money back guarantee
– Zero hassle returns
– Installs in 30 seconds (once you do it a few times)
– Gold 5L model has fleece lining making it very safe for your paint
– Elastic under front and back
– Fits into included bag
– Includes safety lock and cable
– Can be machined washed
– Protects from heat, snow, dirt, ice, tree sap, etc.

Comment down below if you use a car cover for your Tesla and what
features you look for in a cover.

Thanks again for watching!

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…………..About My Car…………..
⚡️About my car:
👉Blue 2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD
👉19 factory tires/wheels
👉HW 3.0
👉Software 2021.4.12
👉White interior
👉Full self drive package
👉Mad Max mode.

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