The BEST Tesla Model 3/Y Accessories in 2022

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Best Tesla Model 3/Y Accessories 2022! Links below ⬇️

TapTes Floor Mat Bundle: + Frunk Mat: B
These all-weather floor mats are the best budget-friendly alternative to the popular 3DMaxpider mats. They’re made with a waterproof TPE material that is odorless and non-toxic. The mats are comfortable for long drives and have raised edges to protect from dirt and spills and are lightweight, making them easy to remove for cleaning.

Spigen Screen Protector: (Alternative: )
You definitely want to protect the most important part of the interior which is the touchscreen, and this screen protector from Spigen is a must if you want to get a perfect fail-proof fit when installing it. It has a matte anti-glare finish with fingerprint resistance.

Center Console Trays: i
3-piece tray set comes with a center Console Tray, an Armrest Storage Box Tray, and an Armrest Hidden Storage Box for optimal organization for all the small items you keep in your car.

Moldable Glue: 9
My preferred position for Autopilot/FSD is to put my hand at the bottom of the steering wheel on either side but doing this for long periods of time is uncomfortable on my finger because the inside of the wheel is sharp. This moldable glue smooths out the surface to make it comfortable.

Paint Protection Film (DIY: )
Since electric vehicles have very small grilles compared to gas cars, it leaves the front paint more susceptible to rock chips and paint damage so for both my Model 3 and Model Y I took them into a professional auto detailing shop to get PPF installed for long lasting paint protection.

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Tesla Mobile Connector: r
Must-have for charging your car at home or when you travel.

Cable Holder: J
This cable holder/organizer is more affordable than Tesla’s version and is easy to install. Use it to wrap the excess cable around and as a place to hold the charger for a more organized home charging setup.

Cleaning Kit: T
Biodegradable nontoxic cleaners from TesBros include exterior car wash shampoo, exterior waterless wash, glass cleaner, and all purpose interior cleaner which is safe to use on all Tesla surfaces/fabrics to keep your Tesla looking great.

Safety Tool: S
Model Y rear doors do not have an easily accessible manual door open latch like the front doors so in the case of an emergency with power loss you’ll want this Resqme 2-in-1 safety & survival tool that allows you to cut a jammed seatbelt and to break a side window.

Camera Covers: E
All Teslas have interior cabin cameras that are used for monitoring drivers for Full Self Driving, but if you don’t have FSD and want to maximize privacy then these camera covers allow you to quickly block/unblock the camera.

Sunshade: 1
This has two layers of light blocking fabric for maximal light & heat insulation in hot weather and is custom fit for the Model 3/Y. It stays in place with a simple velcro strap and by flipping down the sun visors.

DeskWedge (10% discount code: SLYE) />Place this inside your steering wheel opening and it gives you a small sturdy surface that will allow you to type on a laptop. It also fits nicely into the center console area for storage when not in use.


Go20 Portable Cooler ($50 discount code AndyCooler) y
This electric cooler can be plugged into a 12v socket and act as a mini fridge to keep things cold without ice. It has dual temperature controls, and it fits nicely in the Model Y sub trunk area so this is great if you camp or tailgate a lot.

Self Inflating Mattress ($10 discount code: AndySIM) y
This was designed to fit the shape of the Model Y & can fit in the Model Y sub trunk area or frunk. It sleeps 2 adults, self-inflates in under 3 minutes, and comes with a rechargeable air pump to add extra air when inflating or to help deflate the mattress.

0:00 Tesla Accessories
0:30 Floor Mats
1:24 Screen Protector
2:21 Console Trays
3:08 Moldable Glue
3:59 Mobile Connector
4:22 Cable Organizer
4:50 Safety Tool
5:40 Sponsor (PIA)
6:56 Camera Covers
7:14 Sunshade
7:55 Cleaning Kit
8:32 PPF
9:47 DeskWedge
10:21 Electric Cooler
11:16 Self-Inflating Mattress

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