The CHEAPEST Way to Permanently Fix Peeling Paint!

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Welcome to the #1 Video on how to fix your peeling and fading paint on your car. DISCLAIMER: No fancy tools needed to complete this job! In this video we paired up with to bring you professional paint packaged up in a easy to use spray can. This guide will take you through the very basic steps of sanding down your faded paint, repairing it and then returning it to the original shine it had when it rolled off the factory line!


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Visit for any of your paint needs for your car. I recommend at least 1 can of primer per panel, 2 cans of basecoat per panel and 1 can of clearcoat per panel. It is best to have extra because not all colors cover as easy.

Clearcoat: H


Faded Paint Job Pak: b

Clearcoat Sanding for buffing Job Pak: A

Yellow Hand Sanding Block: I

Gray Scuff Pad: W


Buffer: h

CSI Polishing Kit: K

Other Products used in the video:

Kovax Dry Guide Coat: s

Eastwood Guide Coat: s

3M Respirator: q

Paint Suite: L

3M Plastic: B

Automotive 1.5 Tape: o

Wax and Grease Remover: K

Water Based Cleaner: Z

Tack Rag: g

Bulldog Prep and Clean: 3

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