The Power of Video Series: Sales & Marketing Tools & Support

In the age of the customer, when over half of all buyers self-educate before moving to the purchase stage, it still takes 6 to 27 touch points to achieve a sale.

Video can reduce or cover many of these touch points at arm’s length…
increasing leads and conversions at a reduced cost of sale to you and your sales team…while building memorable, engaging connections to your company’s brand.

A recent survey shows that messaging with video is 300 times more likely to be engaged with than text only.

It’s not really an either / or choice.
Companies should be offering both text and video, so your audience can choose what format suits them best.

But for the highest ROI, video is the way to go.

Here are my picks for the Top Video Sales, Marketing & Support Tools…

A video, once made available on your website, can be a sales rep that never sleeps.

Showcase approachable, enthusiastic members of your sales team in videos, so your prospects can put a face to the contact they should reach out to, if they have questions.

Your video call to action can include your sales reps’ contact information.

Customer testimonials and case studies on video are priceless for building credibility and trust.

Remember, when you talk about yourself, it’s bragging.

When your customers talk about you, it’s PROOF!

Short videos can be created to answer the most frequently asked customer and prospect enquiries.

Made available 24/7 on your web site…
not only will they be able to find what they’re looking for in a self-serve format…
…it will demonstrate your understanding of a prospects pain points and needs.

Product and service demos captured on video can showcase features that aren’t captured well in plain text or image-based content .

In the words of one of my clients…

…some things you have to see in action, in order to “get it”.

For complex or broad service offerings, 1- to 2-minute overview videos can be used within PowerPoint as thought starters.

With a larger sales force, it ensures that all key points are delivered quickly, consistently and dynamically, in context of how the product or service is used.

It enables a prospect to visualize how what you are offering applies to their situation.

There’s no denying… people like to watch, not read.

Video-newsletters provide: – a more engaging way to let existing customers know all the new and interesting things you have to offer them…

– They give prospects an overview of existing features and benefits…

– and remind clients that you are always available to help and to provide them with new information.

Video that captures privileged access and facility tours takes prospects where they usually wouldn’t be able to go…

…provides them with a much better idea of what you do…

…and shows your uniqueness…

— building strong, lasting, emotional brand connections.

And let’s not forget staff communications.

Short, effective internal videos that train, and provide product updates and company news, keep work-forces up-to-date and motivated.

When onboarding new staff, video can accelerate training in a self-serve format.

In a merger or acquisition situation, it can charge people up about the opportunity and allay fears, thereby increasing retention.

So what does
this get you in terms of ROI?:

– you build credibility and trust…

– you can answer predictable questions, thereby reducing the cost of the sale

– sales people become more effective

– video shortens the sales cycle, and can help fight “invitation avalanche”… caused by the millions asking for clicks, likes and follows.

– and… you turn marketing into massively useful info… creating long-term trust & kinship

Thanks for your time today.

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