The Rise of Extended Reality (XR) Technology in Construction

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It’s critical for construction professionals to be able to visualize a completed project in advance. Fortunately, we have tools that can provide detailed and thorough plans and schematics –– these allow owners, architects and general contractors to see a project as it will be before ground is even broken. But there has always been a limit. Until recently, you could only represent a three-dimensional building on a flat surface. But the rise of extended reality (XR) changes everything and gives construction professionals a true 3D model to work from.

Today’s episode features Amy Peck, the Founder and CEO of EndeavorVR, a strategy and consulting firm focused on augmented reality, virtual reality, and symbiotic frontier technologies. Amy sits down with our host Mike Merrill to discuss how extended reality is changing the pre-construction process forever. Amy explains what XR is, how it is being used on job sites, and how contractors can implement and see the benefits from XR right away.

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