The Smarter Sales Show Episode 018 – Tools to Differentiate How you Connect With Your Prospects

Is standing out in sales easier said than done? Not with some cool tech to help you out! In this episode, Julie shares three easy strategies to really differentiate as a sales professional and, of course, all the smart apps you’ll need to help you!

Merit’s Top Three Faves:
• If your clients aren’t organised, it’s your job to make your processes as easy as possible.
• Connect personally, even when you can’t connect in person. Start with sending a video message instead of an email
• Many of us ask prospects what went wrong when we lose a deal, but it’s just as important to ask what made us GET the deal!

Julie’s Top Three Faves:
• Yes, the product matters in sales, but the process is just as important
• We all love an email, but in this virtual world, video is where it’s at. Connect more personally by using video messaging
• Magical Meeting Minutes. Thank me later!

Smarter Sales Soundbites:

“The more someone SEES you, the more they will trust you. Put a photo in your correspondence.”

“If you really want to differentiate, being easy to work with is essential for the client.”
“No one will trust you if you have a messy briefcase.”

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