The TRUTH about NAD+ (You Could Be Taking it the Wrong Way)

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NAD+, a unique enzyme, is one of the most promising defenses against aging. But could one little-known problem render NAD+ completely ineffective? Even though NAD+ is widely known to help keep us feeling younger, recent research has revealed three critical factors that impact its anti-aging power. In this video I break down the latest groundbreaking findings about this potent enzyme.

Experts maintain that NAD+ fights aging by stimulating your mitochondria, leading to increased energy production and decreased risk of cognitive issues. In doing so, NAD+ also activates your cells’ natural repair process, letting your nerves, organs, and muscles bounce back from years of decline.

Backed by hundreds of studies, these benefits have made NAD+ supplements extremely popular. However, recent discoveries about this curious enzyme have exposed an ugly truth. Millions may be taking NAD+ the wrong way, and missing out on its true anti-aging potential.

So what is the right way to take NAD+? It turns out, the answer isn’t quite so simple. There are several supplements that aim to increase your NAD+, and the best one to take may be different for everyone. In this video, I’ll discuss how you can figure out which NAD+ supplement will work best for your ideal anti-aging benefits.

I’ll also reveal a startling problem that threatens to make all NAD+ supplements ineffective — and how you can easily counteract this issue.

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The information in this video is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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