These Mobile Tools for eBay Sellers can find best selling items on eBay Right Now!

These Mobile Tools for eBay Sellers can find the best selling items on eBay
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In the following video, Ela will introduce the much anticipated Zik analytics mobile app that will help dropshippers get the top products to sell on eBay with the data and stats you need.

0:11 Finding the best selling items on eBay

– This app has search bar at the top and below is the filters bar. Filters bar has the following; Sale date range, shipping location, listing type, and condition.

– Things we need to consider while identifying the right product to sell are Competition, demand, and price.

Let’s say we find a product which is “bath towels”

Use the search bar and type-in bath towels and click “search”.

This app search quickly and we can see right away the stats. This product has a sale earnings of $55,570.38 in the last 30 days. It has an average price of $19.76 and a successful listings of 79%. The higher the successful listings, the more competition there is. Sold items is 3,074.

Below the stats is a graph that tells you the trend when it’s going up or going down and below is the product list.

This app will help us validate if this product is worth selling for by giving you the stats you need based on the competition, demand, and price.

Always check these three categories so you know what are the items that you could include at your shop.

– How to optimize our listings using Zik analytics website:

We are going to use “Title builder tool” that can give us the exact keywords to put into our title and description. This would make our product be on page 1, get traffic, and generate sales.

Click “Title builder”. Here we can see there are location, sale date range, marketplace, and exclude phrase. There is also a search tab.

Type-in “Bath towels” and click search.

Here we’ll see;
1. Keywords you provided
2. Long tail keywords Ideas
3. Generic Keywords Ideas

We can also see the average searches, competition, and sales for each keyword ideas.

You can build your title just by clicking on the items on the list. You can choose a couple of words to create your title at the top with all the information you have with the most searches and most sales.

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