Tim Leland (Qualcomm): The Mobile Future of Extended Reality (XR)

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Tim Leland, VP Product Management, Qualcomm

A talk from the Inspire Track at AWE USA 2017 – the largest conference for AR+VR in Santa Clara, California May 31- June 2, 2017.

Mobile Extended Reality (XR) is likely to become one of the world’s most disruptive computing platforms. It is expected to transform the way we interact with the world around us every day, delivering unprecedented new experiences and the potential to exponentially increase productivity. XR is inherently meant to be mobile, intuitive and always connected. Many new technologies in the areas of low power visual processing, cognition, and connectivity are required for this vision to become reality. This keynote presentation will discuss:
• A view of the evolution of XR from today to the future
• Examples of unprecedented experiences that XR is expected to enable
• Necessary technology advancements required in areas such as 3D graphics, computer vision, next-gen displays, machine learning, and wireless connectivity to support a new class of intelligent, and personalized XR experiences


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