Tools For Sales Teams

I fought to get a company BlackBerry. It was 2007 and I had just taken on a role where my whole job was to open up the US market for that international company.

I had to make a case for why this was warranted.

I was 13 to 16 hours ahead of my buyers – and would almost never be in that office while they were working.

And most of our competition had sales teams on the ground in the USA.

I wasn’t looking for a perk.

I wanted to have all the tools, which my competitors would surely have, to be able to give my clients support not only when I was in my office, but whenever I wished outside of “office hours”..

Today, a BlackBerry is obsolete. But what most Sales teams are not leveraging is:
– LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscriptions
– Live chat on your website
– Video conferencing
– Robust training in account based sales process
– Social media commenting

Don’t limit your sales team to old tools: a cell phone/mobile, email and an expense account is like sending a rockstar on to a stage in Madison Square Garden without a mic or any amplifiers. And filling the arena with Opera fans.

Don’t be that employer.


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