Tools Needed For Remote Selling – Ep. 4: Sell From Anywhere Show

In this episode, we focus on “The Tools Your Remote Sales Team Needs to Be Successful.” It’s hosted by Flavia Colombo, Sales Director EMEA here at HubSpot, and our guest is Viveka von Rosen, Chief Visibility Officer at Vengreso and LinkedIn expert. We talk about LinkedIn as a sales tool, using video for sales calls, and provide you with a great resource to take home today.

In the Sales Forecast segment, Dayne reviewed some COVID Benchmark data. You can find the link to the data below.

This is the final episode of the Sell From Anywhere Show, presented by HubSpot. It’s been a great month of sales content and we hope it has helped your sales team in these trying times.

The Adapt 2020 series will continue after this week, so make sure to stay tuned on the Adapt homepage for weekly content (link below).

📔 Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

Check out The Remote Sales Playbook for 30+ free sales resources here:

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Download the free guide, Using Video for Sales ft. Zoom here:

Check out Dayne’s Online Selling Lesson here:

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