Top 15 Maintenance Tools Everyone Should Have for Their Saltwater Reef Tank!

From buckets to magnet algae cleaners to a few tricks with sponges from Jen herself who has been maintaining customer saltwater aquariums for over 25 years!

Jen’s favorite maintenance tools and accessories are found at Bulk Reef Supply:

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00:00 Introduction
00:09 Get A New Bucket
00:22 Specimen Container
00:33 Magnetic Scraper
00:52 Handheld Scraper
00:58 Sponges
01:10 Brushes
01:15 Siphon & Squeeze Starter
01:21 Keep A Net Handy
01:26 Aquarium Tongs
01:33 Tunze Glass Cleaner
01:38 Citric Acid
01:42 Coral Feeder
01:49 Pump & Vacuum Tool
01:55 PolypLab Camera Lens
02:01 Next Level Bucket

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