Top 15 Tools for Coaches and Consultant | 2021 | Lifetime Deals | BlackFriday Sale

There are hundreds of tools for coaches and consultants in the market. But identifying the right tools is very important as it makes life easier especially at times like these when online coaching is a common phenomenon.

In this video, I bring you 15 tools that can help you build a great coaching/consulting platform. All of the tools have personally been tried and tested and most of them have worked wonders for us. I have tried to explain, compare and summarize all of the tools in respect to their prices, creativity and functional diversity and I hope that you find them just as interesting.

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Here’s the Link to all the Top 15 Tools Discussed in the video:

Here are the Timestamps,

0:54 – For Learning management systems –
2:46 – For domain + hosting –
4:26 – For Link shortener + bio link + Retarget –
6:40 – For an Ultra fast landing page –
8:15 – For certification and Automation. –
12:41 – For making a Presentation. –
14:51 – For automation tools. –
15:27 – For your own affiliate Network. –
15:57 – For calendar booking. –
16:45 – For screen recording –
17:47 – Email marketing tool –
19:40 – Social media kit –
21:33 – ADS kit –
23:57 – For giveaways –
24:54 – For payment gateways –
25:20 – Hardwares –

Check out all the indepth tools review here:

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If you have any queries with regards to these tools, do let me know in the comment section.

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