Top 4 Programming Languages for Augmented Reality (in 2021)

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Wondering what the top programming languages for learning AR development are? Are you a new programmer, wishing to learn programming and build products for the next big thing in technology?

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I believe augmented reality is the next big thing, and learning AR development today will pay dividends in this decade, when AR goes mainstream. As such, I have laid out in this video, the top programming languages for building augmented reality apps. Learn one of these and get started in your AR development journey.

In this channel I cover both the technical side (AR development for the Apple ecosystem) and the personal side (e.g. self-help, productivity tips, app marketing etc) in an attempt to become an augmented programmer. You can follow my journey on my social media handles (nikhilcreates):

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Nikhil Jacob (a.k.a. the Augmented Programmer)

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