Top Five B2B Sales Automation Tools

Watch this video tutorial to equip your sales team with the best sales automation tools. Head to for a guide into the CRM world for sales teams.

0:00 Top Five B2B Sales Automation Tools
0:35 What is Sales Automation?
0:55 LinkedIn Sales Navigator, lead prospecting automation tool
1:41 NetHunt CRM extension for LinkedIn
2:11 Clearbit, lead enrichment tool
2:46 NetHunt, Gmail CRM for sales pipeline management and bulk emailing
3:45 Outreach, sales outreach automation tool
4:34 Intercom, customer support automation tool

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Sales automation is a process of streamlining banal, repetitive sales tasks. It makes it easier for salespeople to connect with their customers, get them into pipelines, and subsequently accelerate their journeys along those pipelines to conversion. It makes money.

1. Lead prospecting automation is by far the biggest time-saver, biggest moneymaker on this list. Sales Navigator is the big boy LinkedIn plan. It’s best for B2B salespeople who want to target specific customers, engage them, and close the deal. Afterall, NetHunt’s LinkedIn CRM integration is built for Sales Navigator. You can download the Chrome extension from the Web Store and you’ll be able to capture leads in no time

2. Clearbit is the lead enrichment tool. It matches leads based on specifics such as email domain and company name. From there, you will be given access to a database of up to 85 unique fields of information for a lead, that you can import into your favourite CRM system.

3. NetHunt CRM, powerful sales automation tool that lives in your Gmail and gives your team full access to a customer’s communication history, relevant notes, and full bulk email campaign features including tracking and mail merge. Sign-up for a 14 days free trial

4. Outreach frees sales teams to focus on their engagement as well, by creating perfect sequences of outreach with a heap of different features. Multi-channel communication by bringing together Email, Phone, Socials, Texting, Direct, Mail, Web, Chat 1:1. This platform helps to easily generate personalized communications at scale while maintaining the consistency of your messaging.

5. Intercom is a customer support automation platform that promises to ‘give your customers a conversational experience they’ll remember. Their features include messenger-based chat response bots, interactive apps, self-service tools for your website, proactive product tours, collaborative inboxes, reporting, and loads more. It even integrates with NetHunt.

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