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I am going to explain real reasons for hair loss, Male pattern baldness and Female pattern baldness explained in simple step by step method.
Most of you might know the main reason for Male pattern baldness is DHT (DiHydrotestosterone) Plus Genetic factor.
1. DHT + Gene
But, there is another important reason. In 2012, scientists found that PGD2, also is a major cause of hair loss.
PGD2 inhibiting, the key to curing hair loss slide
So, there are two important reasons for hair loss or baldness.
1. DHT + Genetic factor
2. PGD2
Remember, PGD2 is easy to control than DHT and has no known side effects.

Lets look at first reason in detail.
DHT is produced in the body by an enzyme called 5α-Reductase, which converts Testosterone to DHT.
Friends, know that DHT is important hormone. After puberty, this hormone is responsible for male specific features like Beard, mustache, sexual potency, genitals functioning, semen production and so on. So DHT is important for males. Then what about females. Females also have DHT, but it is a small fraction when compared to males. If DHT increases in their body due to some reason, then Women suffer from female pattern baldness.
So, if DHT production is natural process in every person, why only few people get baldness?
So, hair loss is not just due to DHT, but it is due to DHT and a gene.
DHT + Special Gene – Hair loss
DHT is common for everyone.
But, this special gene, is preset only in few people. This special gene makes hair follicles to become sensitive to DHT and they start shedding away.
If you have just DHT alone, you are not going to be bald. But If you have DHT + the Gene, then you can go bald.

Now, can we control this to reverse hair loss?
If you lower DHT, you can reduce hair loss and you can delay baldness and also reverse hair loss in few cases.
FDA approved only one medicine called Finasteride to lower DHT levels. There is another one called Dutasteride, which is more effective than Finasteride to lower DHT levels, but Dutasteride is not approved by FDA.
There are herbs like Saw palmetto that work like Finasteride in lowering DHT.

Now, let’s discuss the second main reason for Hair loss. This is most important and discovered recently. I like this one, because, this is more easy to control than DHT
Prostagladin D2 (PGD2) is a lipid compound which binds to receptors that inhibit hair growth. Bald people seem to have too much of PGD2.
This is a new discovery and seem to be a strong cause of Male pattern and female pattern baldness.
Infact PGD2 is easy to handle when compared to DHT. So, how to control PGD2.
Just eat foods rich in Quercetin. That’s all. Quercetin, is a flavonoid that gives color to several fruits and vegetables. Studies suggest that Quercetin can treat pattern hair loss too, by inhibiting PGD2.
Foods like Onion, Broccoli, Kale, Cranberry, Sweet potato have loads of Quercetin. Also, Quercetin is available as supplement. So, Quercetin inhibits PGD2 and that infact reverses Male pattern baldness.

Well if you lower your DHT levels, using Finasteride, Saw palmetto or other natural methods, you can reverse hair loss. Also, if you take Quercetin rich foods or Quercetin supplements then you can treat pattern baldness effectively.
Let’s see other minor reasons for hair loss. I call these as Minor reasons, because, they really don’t cause significant hair loss.
1. High sugar and High salt consumption.
2. Iron deficiency
3. Thyroid issues
4. Vitamins deficiency
5. Chemical shampoos and applications
6. Stress
7. Hormonal imbalances (mainly in females)
8. Chemotherapy and other treatments (Temporary hair loss)
9. Fluoride water/chlorinated water

The hair loss due to these minor reasons is temporary and reversible. Also this can be easily corrected.

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