ULTIMATE DESI जुगाड़ : BUSTED Luxurious LIMOUSINE Scorpio | RTO Vashi

News Full Details :-

The Navi Mumbai deputy RTO’s office seized two Scorpios that they say have been illegally modified into Hummer Limousine vehicles. RTO officials said that such modifications are not permitted as per the Motor Vehicle Act .

The vehicles have been seized from Vashi and Andheri where they had been rented out for functions.

The vehicles with resgistration numbers of Gujarat reportedly belong to NWT Limo International from Anand, Gujarat, which RTO officials said is owned by two people Nazirbhai and Gulambhai of Gujarat.

A huge crowd gathered at the RTO licence ground in Vashi as news spread of the two vehicles brought there on Friday afternoon. While the vehicles have excellent exteriors, the interiors are even better with a bar, sofa and other luxurious accessories built in.

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