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Watch a recording of Tupac Martir’s latest piece, which integrates live music, dance, set design, AR, VR and projection.

Martir’s newest masterpiece, based on the premise of self-reflection and identity. Combining the heritage of the screen with the endless possibilities of immersive technology, this work aims to form a new performance tradition combining multiple disciplines – namely, Performative-R.

The conductor leads and sculpts the performances of live musicians, dancers, and real-time graphics into a cohesive piece of art, combining the vitality of live improvisation with the nuance of crafted narrative. The audience has three options to experience this immersive concert using either Virtual, Augmented Reality or Projection Mapping to accompany the live audio experience. Immersive technology and art combine to deliver a unique, bespoke performance.

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Tupac Martir is a multimedia artist and founder of Satore Studio. His work spans the fields of technology, lighting, projection and video, sound design, music and composition, as well as choreography and costumes. Vogue described him as ‘the visual designer and creative director behind some of the most important events in the world’. Martir has provided production design, visuals and lighting direction for the likes of Elton John, Beyoncé, Danny Boyle, the Coachella festival and Serpentine Gallery, and worked on groundbreaking shows for Alexander McQueen, Moschino, Alexander Wang, and Thomas Tait, among others. More recently he directed and produced the award-winning performative reality piece Cosmos Within Us, and was appointed as trustee for the National Dance Company Wales.

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