Explore 3 types of Videoview and their differences: Travel Agency / MICE and Corporate / Tour Operator

Session 2: 12th March 2020 – Hosted by Gonçalo Teixeira – Viewtravel Marketing, Brand and Partner Relations Director – English Spoken – ENG

Viewtravel – Travel Itinerary Builder Software – was designed to create a great impact on the sales team’s performance and in the way the travel industry players interact with their customers.

The valuable content and the digital sales proficiency tools provided by Viewtravel software, for sure, will help anyone become a better sales professional.

We all know that managing proposals, budgets and travel itineraries, sometimes from several sources, can be a challenging task. Not only for the traveller but also for the travel agent.

If a travel agent:

– spends hours researching, writing and refining the proposal and travel itinerary the customer is eager to receive
– only sees his actual and legacy travel itinerary presentation process based on email, paper-based brochures, PowerPoint and static websites as a roadblock to helping customers and closing deals

… then Viewtravel is the right solution for him.

Depending on the nature of the company and customer persona a proposal management and travel itinerary builder software like Viewtravel can provide many key benefits to the travel and tourism industry players.

In this webinar you will learn to use Viewtravel to:

– digitally and emotionally improve sales processes and client relations
– remove paper-based presentations from the equation
– achieve better collaboration
– maximize productivity and flexibility
– reduce storage and working space
– increase visibility
– inspire customer engagement
– achieve regulatory compliance
– improve security
– facilitate proposal retrieval
– better backup and disaster recovery
– boost sales and competitiveness

With a continually-growing repository of destination information, images, videos, audio guides and one of a kind customer interaction and digital trip presentation resources, Viewtravel provides valuable sales tools for travel professionals and travel brands at every level.

We’re constantly engaged in meeting customers’ needs and requests.

Not only we can customize Viewtravel look-and-feel, but we’re also able to integrate customer’s systems with Viewtravel proprietary API to seamlessly push Viewtravel Rich Travel Media Library data into our agent productivity tools or pull data into third-party systems.

To sum up, our goal with this Viewtravel webinar is to help you better understand how you can get the attention of your customers around the world through disruptive technology, content creation and seamless availability.

Try Viewtravel Here: or speak with a Viewtravel specialist at marketing@viewtravel.eu

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