Vitamin D and Quercetin: Antiviral Superstars

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During the COVID pandemic the mainstream and social media powers that be, don’t seem motivated to share published studies on essential information regarding simple strategies we can utilize to support our immune systems, in lieu of waiting for a possible vaccine.

Two antiviral superstars that deserve an audience are Vitamin D and Quercetin.
For many decades we have known a lack of Vitamin D puts a body at higher risk of developing disease (including cancers) as well as succumbing to a virus induced cytokine storm, that can be deadly. Recent studies clearly show the link between COVID deaths and low vitamin D levels as well as optimal levels, having a protective effect against acute respiratory infections. Most need to supplement Vitamin D, so it is essential to know your levels in order to supplement the appropriate amount. Vitamin D also works synergistically with other nutrients to help the immune system retain a neutral state so it is not over-driven.

Quercetin (a plant-based bioflavonoid) is one of those nutrients. The current literature is showing Quercetin’s antiviral binding properties. Traditionally used as an antihistamine to reduce inflammation in our sinuses and airways, Quercetin is also proving to have a strong impact in helping to interrupt viral binding to angiotensin receptors. If we can reduce airway inflammation and block SARS2 from the very spot it attempts to enter the body and help avoid developing the infection, what a wonderful outcome.

Just another couple of things we can add to our repertoire to support a healthy immune system. I am in no way implying that these strategies are a cure. Please do your own research. There are so many simple things we can do to empower ourselves by being proactive and eliminating fear. As we know, we rarely make good decisions that are fear driven. Be well.

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