Volvo 850 Limousine vs Volvo 850 Station Wagon – 90 km/h Rear-end collision –

A Volvo 850 Station Wagon was accelerated to a collision speed of 92 km/h. The vehicle collided straight with a Volvo 850 Sedan with 100% coverage. The estate car contained a belted 5% dummy on the driver seat and the limousine a belted 50% dummy on the driver seat.
This test is intended to show the dangers of a rear-end collision with different strength of deformation structures (front more rigid than the rear end).

The airbag of the Station Wagon Volvo has triggered and the passenger compartment remained intact
The airbag of Limousine Volvo has not triggered and the rear end of the car was strongly deformed.
The driver seat of the bumped vehicle was so damaged that the dummy lays horizontally on the seat after the test.

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