WATCH NOW! The 150 Most Powerful Marketing & Sales Tools

There’s a place for tools that sales use to duplicate marketing’s work. But aren’t the most essential sales tools those that help sales close deals? Take a look at these eight sales tools that can help your team more effectively nurture leads and ultimately sell to them.

Tools have given humans a competitive edge for thousands of years, ever since cavemen attached handles to stone blades and were able to cut things more easily. Today’s tools are incredibly advanced, and new technology offers us the ability to instantly call a cab, edit a picture, or send a message faster, better and more easily.

So why are your sales reps still stuck in the prehistoric age of sales?

A phone and a headset should not be the only tools your reps use on a daily basis. It’s not enough anymore to just make calls, send a few emails, and wait for the deals to roll in. There are a plethora of sales tools on the market that can give your sales team an edge and enable them to sell more effectively. Here are 10 of our favorites.

Over 50% of millennials would prefer losing their sense of smell to losing their smartphones. Social media is now the most time-consuming and popular activity on the internet. If your business isn’t targeting social media and mobile phone users, you’re already at a disadvantage.

However, effective social media marketing is demanding. You need to engage audiences consistently, or they could switch to a brand that does. So how do you manage this rigorous task?

Use a smart social media workflow with a complete social media management app. On DrumUp, you simply begin by connecting all your social media accounts and selecting your industry/theme of choice. The app crawls through the internet and provides you with a continuous curated stream of fresh and high-quality social media content related to your industry.

Single click schedule content each day from there (takes about a minute once you get used to it). Observe your curated stream to identify what people and talking about, and write at least 2-3 articles a week around those topics. Schedule them from DrumUp.

Upload your promotional banners on the app and save them to your “promotional” category on the app’s Content Library, and set those posts on a repeat post schedule of at least once every two weeks, and voila! You have most of your social media content covered, leaving you enough time to personally connect with your audience.

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