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Drive a car in a limousine on the sea beach or make it a floating limousine. Become a driver of water surfing and ride your car in a limousine in a huge sea at a fast speed to ride limousines with water surfing. In this limo car driving simulator drive floating water surfer limo car. Perform the duties of a limousine and choose a tourist from the city or the beach for the luxury drive of a VIP limousine. This beach surfing game is best for true waterboat lovers who find the boat driving tricks like a floating water surfer. Make your beach a limo-limousine on a water bike and start the race on a huge city beach. Then turn your limousine into a jet boat limo and drive along the surface like a taxi driver in a limousine with a floating limousine Water Surfer. Car driver simulator for limousine.
Enjoy a limousine riding on a sandy beach, and also make scuba diving limos possible. Choose your favorite windsurfing limousine limousine for this beach driving simulator and start your choice as a taxi taxi taxi for city driving, beach driving and jet skiing. The driver-simulator with water surfing for swimming in a limousine is specially designed for fans of taxis in a limousine and limousine with water surfing, traveling on motorbikes in a limousine.
It’s time to test your skills in racing cars in limousines with racing cars on the beach. Drive and test your luxurious limousine racing skills in summer beach races on the sandy and dusty ocean. The 2017 off-road water car on the limousine is here for a variety of tasks and tasks for driving water. Limousine tires will turn into floating tires when you jump into deep ocean water. Choose your favorite free limousine mode and ride the limo at full speed, but you need to clear all the control points to complete the mission.

Features of Water Surfer Floating Limousine:
– Pick up passengers as limousines.
– Several futuristic floating limousine cars for riding.
– An absolute pleasure for fans of water surfing in a limousine.
– Modern car limousine physics and smooth control.
– Real beach stunts and limo racing.
– Perform beach limo stunts on a boat.

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