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Right before your eyes is the Klein Tools ET130 digital light meter. You and I know this tool is a must-have for making sure your light levels are precise and code compliant. For the average person, it looks more like something you’d see in doctor’s office.

Jokes aside, we love this meter for a lot of different reasons. For one, Klein Tools is a trusted brand. Their meters have a great reputation for solid construction and accuracy. This one is no different.

So what I want to show you first is the LED screen. If you’re working in well-lit areas, you’re going to love how clear the numbers are. But if you get in a low light situation, all you have to do is push the light button here and your screen will illuminate enough to get your reading.

The meter measures foot candles and lux, and you can switch between the two by pressing this toggle button right here. Plus, you can press this hold button to keep the data up on the screen long enough for you to write it down.

Klein makes this meter easy to use. You might have 99 problems on a job site, but this meter ain’t one of them.

Okay, so now that you’ve got a good idea of how this is going to work on the job site, I want to break down the functions a little more.

Let’s talk about foot-candles and lux. The meter can read 0 to 4,000 FC and 0 to 40,000 lux. It’s got a spectral range of 400 to 760 nanometers. Basically, this meter is going to be your go-to meter in just about any lighting situation.

And it’s so easy to use that it will do the trick for a simple DIY home project, but it can also be the workhorse for consultants and inspectors.

As for how you’ll use this little magic wand, you’ve got all kinds of possibilities:
· Retrofits on existing structures
· New construction
· Residential renovation
· Office spaces
· Lobbies
· Lounges
· Stairs
· Corridors
· Stockrooms….they’re all fair game.
Here’s a link to the product page to get more information about this product:

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