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✅Manufacturer of Pallet Forks and Pallet Handling Accessories

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The Santa Catarina IW8 Group is a Manufacturer of Tools, Accessories and Equipment

Design, Manufacture and Sale of Equipment at the Best Prices and Market Values

Equipment Used in Civil Construction, Transport, Storage and Hoisting of Materials

We Manufacture Pallet Lifters for Export in Brazil According to the Client’s Needs


Pallet Crane Forks:

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Canal IW8:

The IW8 Group of SC is a company specialized in the Development of Projects, Manufacture and Sales of Machines, Equipment, Devices and Metal Structures in general aimed at different Market Segments with satisfactory results for customers

In our portfolio of tools, equipment and devices you will find many products that meet a wide range of varied needs in the Brazilian market.
Automotive and Automotive | Engineering and Civil Construction | Services and Commerce | Logistics and Transport | Naval and Offshore | Storage and Distribution | Factories and Industries | Bids and Contracts | Agriculture and Livestock | Parties and Events | Stocking and Inventory Control

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