Webinar: Swing Catalyst Software Demonstration

In this webinar, our Sales Manager Tim DeJarlais teams up with our Head of Support in the US, Travis Keller, to give a demonstration of the Swing Catalyst software. They will show you all the software features, integration capabilities, shortcuts, and more.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:06 Upgrading to version 9.3
00:01:55 New user/group
00:04:48 Capture (options)
00:12:53 Review
00:15:50 Explore
00:19:50 Tools: measuring, text and drawing
00:23:00 Window options
00:24:05 Comparing swings
00:28:00 Online & recording lessons
00:34:55 Ending a session
00:36:47 Group lesson
00:39:10 Settings
00:51:53 Help
00:57:00 Questions
00:59:40 Thank you!

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