What Are The Best Waterproof Car Covers

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http://ez-cover.com When it comes to the best waterproof car covers, EZ-cover car cover wins hands down. Why? Well, let’s start at the beginning. First off, it is NOT of low quality, meaning, it is NOT cheaply produced with non-weatherproof materials; nor, is it just designed to be a ‘universal-fit car cover’; you know, one that is baggy, one that can easily slip, or worse, rub against your cars paint surface, causing it to easily scuff! EZ-Cover car cover is manufactured to the highest quality standards and exacting specifications, to precisely fit your cars’ make and model sizes! It is exclusive to North America, and is a remarkable and one-of-a-kind, patented-semi-automatic device; which means, it can factually be called, “The Quick and Easy Car Cover”!

Not all car covers are made to last. Most are designed for the indoors; to be used in your garage or within an underground parking lot. There’s not much weathering action indoors! They are not made to withstand the sun’s relentless UV radiation; nor, are they made from light-weight, long lasting, reflective materials that actually repel the sun’s rays, while keeping your car cooler in the process; saving on air conditioning by minimizing the sweltering heat within the cars interior!

Now, the thing about outdoor car covers that becomes instantly confusing, is that there are so many types, styles, colors, variations, custom fittings, and even price ranges; these can only add uncertainty and indecision for most interested car cover buyers; mainly, they experience car cover overwhelm! For example, there’s even a $4,750.00 cashmere car cover that can be purchased online for your cherished automobile!

The beautiful thing about light-weight car covers, like EZ-Cover, they can be covered and uncovered real fast, and they effortlessly store in a small space, just inside your car’s trunk. This feature alone makes EZ-Cover the best car cover on the market. But, there’s even more.

Believe it or not, some major car cover manufacturers make expensive custom-fitted outdoor car covers out of organic fabrics; and, they also claim that all of them are breathable, in order to allow moisture, condensation, and heat to escape under the fabric. Yet, according to their product info…“These fabrics are not waterproof”!

Now, why would you want to buy a non-waterproof outdoor car cover; especially, when you know that acid rain water can damage your vehicle’s paint surface. Certainly, Capitalshine.com doesn’t seem to think so; especially, when scientific shows the proof that acid rain does damage your cars paint surface!

Our best EZ-cover car cover is made from Taffeta, which historically is a type of fabric made from silk; but these days, they can be made from many different fibers, including artificial fibers like nylon, and engineered fibers such as rayon. There are a number of uses for taffeta, ranging from lining windbreakers to making wedding gowns; many people associate this fabric with luxury and high-end garments; and most importantly, durable, weatherproof and long lasting car covers! It is a synthetic interwoven fabric made to be strong and durable.

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Easy to wash and clean. Easy to cover and uncover your car with; while not getting grime or rain water on your clothes in the process. They are reasonably priced and totally affordable! That is why I know, EZ-Cover car covers are the best car covers on the market!

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