What does it really mean to be a StrongMan?

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When it comes to life experiences, Matt has encountered a great deal of them. He is a master in the act of turning bad situations into something positive. He chooses to live a happy life full of gratitude and his insights on how to achieve ones dream is very inspirational.

Matt’s life is filled with adventures and experiences. To top it all of, what others may have considered as failures, he considered his stepping stones to get to where he is now.

Find out more in this one on one conversation with the man himself.

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Dr. Stephanie Rimka is a health coach, holistic functional medicine doctor, epigenetics coach, neurofeedback therapist, chiropractor, and recent recipient of Best Media’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Mental Health Clinic Atlanta. She has been in private practice seeing patients specializing in neurological disorders such as Autism, anxiety, ADHD, depression, and memory loss.

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