What is a Sales pipeline? Definition and the Key Sales Pipeline Stages

Watch our quick video to find out why it is important to perfect your pipeline management. Here is our in-depth guide to setting up a sales pipeline:

A sales pipeline can help you visualize your sales process. It will show you where in the sales funnel all your deals are, where deals are stalling and which sales activities are bringing in the most revenue.

It adds a layer of accountability and makes goals easier to achieve by breaking the sales process down into small, trackable tasks.

The best sales pipeline management solution is a pipeline CRM, like Pipedrive, which will help you set up the right sales pipeline stages. Pipedrive is a sales and prospect pipeline, where you can track your sales leads through each of your pipeline stages and drive them towards a deal.

With the right pipeline tools, you can also analyze and improve your sales process. For example, a pipeline report feature enables you to see which pipeline stages are working and where leads are getting stuck.

Good sales pipeline management is all about having the right tools and process in place, so watch our video and read our article for a sales pipeline definition and guide.

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